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My Feet Belong to ECCO

September 24, 2015

Late last month I was invited to one of the newest shops in Chinook Centre, Ecco, to explore their collection.

Not knowing a lot about the brand, I was blown away when they shared their quality construction methods with me.

From their mould poured technique  which permently keeps the body and base attached to one another, to their one-of-a-kind sole technology that guarantees the tred will never wear, I was impressed.

So impressed as a matter of fact that I purchased 4 pairs!

And now that I’ve started to wear them, I want more!

Butter soft premium leather, nubuck and suedes in everything from a black tie dress shoe, all the way to a very now and fashionable high top (which are totally my jam!).

And now, just when I thought I had enough Eccos to last me a lifetime the company has just shared with me that they’re launching a new style of shoe in November!

This is your first look at the INTRINSIC

Lightweight, flexible and based on natural motion principles.

Made comfortably functional and flexible using a knit fabric and leather combination, while other styles will be created with perforated or full soft leather uppers.

The intrinsic will offer ECCO fans (aka me!) a completely different look and feel while still committing to its world class quality and construction.

They’re interesting, lightweight and comfy; the perfect shoe.

If you’ve never worn a pair of ECCOs – trust me when I tell you – they’re all that and a bag of chips!

And I’ve got a craving for all of them!

Mr. Fab shoe

Looking forward to reading your comments!