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An ‘Out of this World’ Giveaway! 

September 23, 2015

In 1 month one of the most creative and unique charity events will be happening in Calgary.


This event is 1 of the top 3 charitable events I have ever attended and I wouldn’t dream of missing it!

Each year the team behind ReThink Breast Cancer’s Boobyball have re-created the event by changing its theme.

In the past I’ve attend Booby-U ( Alma mater themed event)

Camp Booby (A summer camp for adults)

BigTop Booby (a three ring circus affair)

And now this year, I’ll be boarding a spaceship and be heading into outer space for;

Planet Booby!

This is an event like no other and I want you there!

Tickets are almost sold out, so click HERE to purchase them before they’re gone.

Or take your chances and enter to win a pair from me!

You’ll have two ways to enter.

#1 Tweet the following:

Boarding a spaceship, destination Planet Booby with @immrfabulous! See you in Outer Space!


#2 Leave a comment:

Tell me, ‘What’s your favourite space themed item?

I love shooting stars!

A winner will be chosen at random in 5 days!

Good luck, you really don’t want to miss this stellar event! (Stellar, see what I did there)

This party will be out of this world!

Mr. Fab last off!

  1. I think owning a diamond from the diamond planet would be pretty neat! I would love if NASA could just quickly send me over there, armed with a little pick ax, and let me spend 5 minutes stuffing my space suit pockets full of diamonds.

    In the mean time, my crescent moon earring will have to do.

  2. I love the depth of space and the layers upon layers of stars! Remember those glowing stickers!? Yep, they were plastered all over my ceiling as a kid 🌟⭐️🌙💫✨

Looking forward to reading your comments!