My ‘Glamping’ Adventure

September 22, 2015

When I first started driving, $30 would buy me 2 weeks worth of gas, but now, I can barley make it to the mall and back before needing to fill up.

So when my friends at Ford Canada challenged me to see how far I could go on a tank of gas in thier new Ford Focus with its 1 litre Eco Boost engine I responded, “Give me the keys!” and took them up on the challenge.

And boy did I go far!

Here was the amazing 2 day glamping adventure I was able to take – all for less than $30 in fuel!

First stop, breakfast and s’more supplies at Fiasco Gelato.

It’s true, Fiasco does more than just frozen eats!

Early this year the famed gelato company set up shop in a new space and with it they launched a cafe and bakery.

Daily bread offerings topped will all sorts of goodness, it’s nearly impossible to just settle on 1 thing.

After a thick slap of sugar bread and a latte, I grabbed one of their gluten free s’more kits (ironic I know) and jumped back in the car.

It was time to pick up roadtrip rations so I headed to BITE Groceria in Inglewood.

Cheeses, meats, breads and artisan jars filled with dips and jams were loaded into my basket like I was Martha Stewart prepping for a Thanksgiving meal.

A fancy feast fit for a forest drive and a midnight buffet.

And where was I heading next?

The Focus was loaded and I was off to spend the night in Kananaskis.

Now if you know me you know I’m a city slicker so it’s ironic I chose to spend my night in the wilderness.

That said, this wasn’t about to be a ground-sleeping-tent sort of night, I was about get my ‘glamp’ on in a Tipi!

Already set up, the tipi was well appointed with a queen bed (equipped with sheets, pillow & duvet), a propane powered light and a fuel heater to keep me warm and toasty throughout the night!

As night began to fall, I prepped my charcuterie board and started a fire.

It was an evening under the stars complete with wine, gooey campfire s’mores… And the most burnt chicken sausage known to mankind!

The next morning when I woke up, (thankful I survived any bear attacks), I checked the the car’s gas level; I was less than half a tank down so I decided it was time for a celebratory breakfast in Banff.

Off to one the city’s newest restaurants & distilleries, Park!

And what happen next was gluttony I’m not necessarily proud of, but I ordered almost the entire menu.

And just when you thought I couldn’t cram anymore in… I ordered some pie!

Tummy full, I rolled myself back into the Focus and returned to the city.

My 2 day adventure was complete all for under $30 in fuel!

Thanks Ford Canada for making a reliable car that I can actually afford to travel in!

Time to plan the next adventure… Hopefully to a spa!

Mr. Fab roadtrip

Looking forward to reading your comments!