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Jollification – Pamper Your Pretty Self

September 21, 2015

I love nature.

Getting away recharges my batteries. Thing is, unplugging is great for my sanity, but a mess for my mani.

Thankfully there is a new Canadian brand to save my skin: Jollification!

Jollification was developed by Ottawa lady boss, Julia Morisset, because of her background in sustainability.

This natural loving beauty’s goals were simple: Have gorgeous smelling products that are authentic and unique all whilst being environmentally responsible. 

Well, félicitations! After seeing her beautiful skin & sampling Jollification, she has definitely succeeded. #Boom #LadyCrush

Hair Oil – Moroccan Argan

It smells INCREDIBLE. Like bubble gum kissed by sunshine. You have to smell it to understand. DO IT. Plus, it’s light & leaves a beautiful glossy finish making you ready to shine no matter where you’re headed.

Moroccan Rose Soap

Sitting in a rose garden while looking at a star blanketed sky. This is what I thought of while lathering with this gentle essential oil soap. It’s a delicate trip for the senses. Bonus, my skin was left feeling dewey fresh and gently caressed by roses. Hands off, Ms. Antoinette!

Lavender Salve

After hiking and living in a campsite for a weekend, this salve was heaven sent. Containing beeswax, the propolis is beneficial for skin renewal and helped reverse the agéd alligator bags that were my hands. Nb I now keep this all purpose moisturizer handy in my bag as lippy, under-eye crease fixer or cuticle saver. Merci beaucoup!

Purifying & Detoxifying Mask

QUOI?! If Nicole Kidman’s non-moving forehead & J Lo’s glow had a baby, it would be my skin after this mask. This Dominican Republic/Canadian made clay mask, left my face smooth & GLOWING. Night before a big event? USE THIS MASK. Note to self: order by the bucket. Best part: one sachet has enough product to be used 3-4 times.


All in all, the lovingly handmade line, Jollification, is a stellar brand that I welcome whole-heartedly to the skincare market.

My sampling was just a tease of the entire line and I’m convinced that I must try it ALL. You can too, HERE.

Jollification pampered my trail trekking skin to a tee. And, while I await a follow-up order, I think I’ll partake in another quiet night of sweet smelling skin savers because even thinking about biking in gear to a campsite makes me tired. I encourage you to find a similar Jolli-fication.


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