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Charlotte Tilbury Launches in Canada – Who Will You Be?

September 10, 2015

Growing up, I loved playing dress-up. Depending on my mood: sparkly star danglers & layered lace to rainbow hues on my eyes & glitter lipstick, I’d get ready & hit THE MALL. ADORED. And now, I have found my make-up kindred spirit: Charlotte Tilbury!

Known for working on such faces as Kate Moss to Gisele Bündchen, UK based make-up artist, Charlotte Tilbury, has finally launched her line in Canada: Bienvenue! And, I was lucky enough to get to try her amazing make-up.


With names like ‘B*tch Perfect’, your face will always be spot on. Every product of Ms. Tilbury’s is enriched with long lasting hydrating and anti-aging ingredients. Au revoir, wrinkles!

Plus, the long wearing pigments are to die for. Salut, midnight merlot smoky eye!

Oui, the products themselves are stunning but I’m also in love with Charlotte’s 10 Curated Looks. So much so, that I tried my own hand to see how possible it is for a ‘lady-next-door’ to achieve Ms. Tilbury’s creations.

Incredibly easy to follow videos with delightful instruction like “dust some candlelight on your cheeks”. ADORE. Be warned, Charlotte is FAST, so use that pause button like you’re buzzing in for every jeopardy answer.

I cannot get enough of the options for day to night. Just pop a few pieces in your handbag and après work you’re good to go.

No matter where you go out in Canada, from Vieux Port in Montréal to Broadway Ave in Saskatoon to Yaletown in Vancouver, Charlotte Tilbury gets you ready for cocktail o’clock!

The Dolce Vita



Charlotte was inspired by Italian actresses like Penelope Cruz for this look.

Body conscious clothes calling to you? With Chocolate & Gold shadows and peachy cheeks, this warm sultry palette is the perfect accessory.

The Ingénue


A perfect go to look for any day of the week. Job interview to first date to a day in the park, this soft pretty look will always serve you well.

Light, Bright & Clean. Champagne frosted eyes accompanied by pink cheeks and a coral lip. Pair it with chucks, no-fuss hair and your smile!

The Vintage Vamp

My FAV! I’m such a sucker for the 1920s aesthetic with nods to make-up icon Mary Pickford.

Deep rich hues which make the eyes smoulder & the lips invite. Merlot & plum shadows with a pop of gold. And, a dark burgundy lip. Oui, svp! I suggest this one for red carpet events or a special night at home in stilettos. Meow!

Nb Her products are outstanding. Seriously. And, the Full Fat Mascara is FANTASTIC. Tapered soft brush with silky buildable product that stays right where it should, on your lashes.

Currently, the Charlotte Tilbury line is exclusively available at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver & Toronto. Fret not, mes beautés across Canada, as no matter where you are, you can also find her products online HERE.

Ms. Tilbury, you’ve made a make-up friend for life. Beautiful product & Inspiring artistry. I cannot wait to try every look she has created, but more importantly: Who Will You Be?

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