Driving like a Boss!

September 8, 2015

This weekend I hit the highway for a 7 hour mountainous trek on route to BC for a picturesque Wedding.

One problem, my 2005 VW Bettle with its illuminated dashboard warnings would have never made it.
Enter my friends at Ford Canada.

They wanted to keep me safe and sound offering to send me rolling in style just like Matthew McConahay.

As such the Lincoln MKZ was mine for the weekend!

Now I’m no car expert, so under the hood will remain a mystery to me, but what I do know is luxury and comfort.

And this car had all the bells and whistles.

Here were my favourite 5 features that had me feeling like a celebrity during my western Canadian roadtrip.

1. Multi Contour Front Seats with Active Motion

The driver and passenger seats not only sculpt to the form of your body at the touch of a button there’s also hidden feature beneath the soft leather; Mini massagers that play shiatsu on your butt and back for as long as you want. (No tip required)

2. Retractable Panoramic Roof

Yes, roof!

The entire glass roof which protects you from the elements completely slides away at the touch of a button.

Recline your seats and look up, you’ve got a comfortable front row seat to watch shooting stars and loose yourself in the Milky Way every night!

3. ActivePark Assist

Gone are the days of questioning a tight squeeze. With the press of a button active park assist scans the shoulders for a spot and parks itself for you.

Seriously, hands off the wheel, all the tricky manoeuvring is done for you with perfect precision.

4. Sync with my Lincoln Touch 

Turn on your Bluetooth and your phone is synced in seconds. You can then activate all of your phones featured by speaking your commands. Order pizza, call your mom or play your favourite downloaded music all whilst keeping your eyes on the road.

5. Temperature Controlled Seats

There is no other feature I dream of more the this one.

In the summer turn on the air conditioned seats to keep your backside ‘swassless’ and in the winter the heated feature will keep your hiny toasty.

A bonus on the Lincoln MKZ that I’ve never seen before…. A heated steering wheel option!

No more winter fingertip driving!

This long weekend was an absolute joy driving the Lincoln MKZ.

The amazing features made the long haul an incredibly enjoyable way to see western Canada.

Thanks for the boss ride Ford Canada!

Mr. Fab MKZ

Looking forward to reading your comments!