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Keeping it Real in Montreal.

September 4, 2015

As part of my eastcoast year, I decided to stop into Montreal to pay Mlle Fab a visit. 

My one request: 

Feed me your favs! 

And that’s just what she did! First stop Scwartz’s

This is THE place to get your Montreal smoked meat on! 

Typically lined up out the door and down the street, we were lucky enough to arrive at the exact right moment and didn’t even have to wait!


A delicious warm smoked meat sandwich that is certainly worthy of all the rage! 

Next up Hot Chocolate.

Now Montreal has got an entirely different vision when it comes to the creamy concoction.


At Juliette & Chocolat, they offer up a choice of Milk, Semi or Dark served so rich and thick you’re aware you were sipping fondue!  


Then we followed our noses to famed bagel shop St. Viateur where you can eat them fresh out of the oven.


This was my first experience with a Montreal bagel and I will dream of them everyday until we meet again. 

(Lucky for me, they ship across Canada, so it won’t be long!) 

Then it was time for the pièce de résistance! 


And although I found it hard to believe anything could top a Costco Poutine, I was about to be proven wrong.


Trois Fromage (3 cheese) Poutine from chez Maamm Bolduc.

Montreal Curds, chèvre and blue cheese atop a crispy hot bowl of French fries, smothered in beef gravy.

And Mlle Fab… She wasn’t about to her Bacon laden bowl!  


For this amount of cheese and toppings you’d have to take out a second mortgage on your home anywhere else in Canada… But in Montreal, the home of Poutine; $7.99 

This was a day of deliciousness, Mlle Fab had certainly done her job in showing me some of her cities greatest eats. 

So next time you’re visiting Montreal, hit up some of these iconic restaurants or tweet @immllefab for some more yummy suggestions! 

Mr. Fab elly full of goodness 

Looking forward to reading your comments!