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The Faces of Fashion Week

September 2, 2015

Fashion Week will be taking over New York City this month, and with it will come a roster of unique styles and interesting personalities.

I’ve been lucky enough to have attended many of the shows in previous years… And although the fashion changes, one thing that stays the same are the people who occupy the seats in the crowd.

In honour of this exciting time in fashion, I decided to share thecharacters you can be sure you’ll see should you be attending any shows, with my friends at Branded Magazine.

But what about me… What would I label myself?

A new descriptor:

The Sweats

Not a native to the city, the sweats is the show-goer who’s been lost longer than he’s been on track. Always running late, panicking that he’s missed the show, the sweats is in need of a pocket fan and a cold pop.

See you at the next show… Sweating!

Mr. Fab in BrandedYYC

Looking forward to reading your comments!