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FAB Collab with the World Famous St. Viateur Bagel

August 25, 2015

A special gift to send out of the province. I wanted something specific to Montréal but with a FAB twist. And, I knew exactly who to call. Luckily, St. Viateur Bagel was in for a FAB collaboration!

There is nothing more la belle ville than a golden crusted bagel, but I wanted to up the ante with some FAB flare!

One of the owners, Vince Morena, took me under his bagel making wing again and shared the finer details of the ‘how to’s. It should be clarified here: I’ll never be a professional bagel maker.

Oui, making the world famous treat was fun, but even more awesome was chatting with Vince.

With 8 Montréal shops, and counting, every day he is busier than Père Noël on Christmas Eve, but Vince and his staff always make time for their customers. “It’s about making everyone feel welcome, no matter what they come in for. Our customers are lifers and we’re honoured by that”.

Unable to get to the shop? Breathe, mes chers: St. Viateur Bagel DELIVERS all across North America, so your table top will never be bare!

Until our next FAB Collab, I’ll be perfecting my St. Viateur FABagel roll. Bon appétit!

Mlle Fab agel Apprentice


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