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M. Fabs Time with Lainey Gossip

August 24, 2015

I felt like it was time.

She and Ryan have had many a memorable time together and I wanted in on that action!

I wanted to be the Kanye to her Kim.

I longed to put on wigs and act like Amanda Bynes circa 2013.

I couldn’t wait to have her act as my red carpet posing sensei. Showing me how to werk.

So when I was invited to an amazing event put on by Vitamin Water, (a brand Lainey holds close to her heart…did you know she writes all the Vitamin Water ‘Zero’ labels? She does. Read them. Funny stuff) with guest speakers JJ Thompson, Devon Brooks, new “Dragon” Michele Romanow, and Lainey Gossip – I had to go.

Incredible entrepreneurs and ultimate Canadian self-made success stories.

Michele Romanow is beyond incredible. Dreaming up the next million dollar idea on the regular, she is the newest Dragon on CBC.

– Devon Brooks is the founder of Blo Blow Dry Bar, now an international franchise.

JJ Thompson is a popular Toronto-based photographer.

And Lainey Gossip. A writer, a host of The Social, a celebrity gossip guru. A Fab Family favourite.

An afternoon spent listening to them talk was inspiring and, well, hydrating… Who knew Vitamin Water was so delicious?

Then my moment arrived. As she was quickly trying to leave for a wedding, I snagged an opportunity to meet Lainey. As great and charming as you’d hope. And that hair. A total dream.

No wigs, no fierce post, no Kanye – but it was great to meet her and listen to her wisdom.

And, if you want to become a #totalboss yourself, like Lainey, Vitamin Water is running a contest until September 30th where Canadians are encouraged to take a photos capturing what inspires you and posting it to Instagram, including the hashtag #totalboss and tagging @vitaminwatercanada. You could win $10K and receive exclusive mentoring to help you become a total boss.

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