August 14, 2015

When I was a kid a trip to McDonald’s was my dream lunch date. Super salty, super deep fried topped of with a warm apple pie to seal the deal… What more could an 11 year old wish for?

But as the years passed, the reality that I’m too big for the ball pit has set in, and as such the search for a fancier place to lunch has begun.

And just last week, as part of the Birthday celebration for one of the FAB family team members, we decided to kick things up a notch and luncheon in style at the newly opened HY’s Steak House.  

Always one to start with the sweet stuff first, our amazing server swung by with a bourbon chocolate cake that was so sinful I could have stopped there and left satisfied.

But this is HY’s steakhouse, so ordering the name sake seemed only too appropriate.


So I placed my order for a the most tender 4oz petite filet mignon cooked perfectly medium rare, with a baked potato the size of most carry on luggage.

Now I’m a lunch time glutton so I didn’t stop there!

Not only did I order a scrumptious & generous sized portion of sautéed mushrooms, (which I didn’t even share with the b-day boy), I ordered this…


HY’s famously irresistible cheese toast for 2, which they have been serving up since 1955!

And had I been alive in 1955 I would have bought shares in this magical cheese toast stock.

Words can not describe.

So next time you’re looking for a tasty place to lunch, check out the deliciously impressive menu from HY’s

Mr. Fab toast & steak

Looking forward to reading your comments!