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Chop like a Top Chef

August 13, 2015

Being the first to walk on newly fallen snow.
Sliding into freshly washed sheets for the night.
Taking the first dip into a new jar of peanut butter.

Things like these are pure satisfaction for me.

Attending the Zwilling J.A Henckels media preview was absolute satisfaction.


Zwilling carries the most beautiful Chef-standard knives – I just love their look and how they each fit into your hand like they were born from your palms.


Stunning cookware with ergonomic handles – I’m still dreaming about them all in my kitchen (especially the pumpkin-shaped one!)


Now, the only way to describe the feeling of chopping a pepper using a perfectly balanced, perfectly sharpened, German-designed, precision knife – SATISFACTION!


I was taught how to chop correctly, using the ‘pinch’ method from Chef Jonathan Collins, which left me feeling like a Top Chef, effortlessly chopping my cilantro like a cilantro chopping pro.


Even if cooking isn’t your thing, there is something so down-to-the-core satisfying about cooking with the most perfect knife. Trust me!

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