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Estée Lauder’s Fall 2015 Preview

August 6, 2015

In the midst of another hot and humid Toronto summer, I dream of Fall.

Fall colours, Fall fashion, Fall makeup.

In Fall there is never a worry of your foundation slip sliding down your face, your eyebrows melting away or the constant ‘glow’ that is absolutely not J-Lo inspired.

Fall is crisp, romantic and, for a makeup lover like me, the best time to embrace bolder looks.

Invited to Estée Lauder’s Fall Collection preview I was greeted with just that… I also got to hang around with Joan, Kendall and Eva all morning.

Bold colours and vibrant matte hues that will look fabulous on every single face.

With so many highlights from the collection, here are my Top Three Fall Picks I think you will love!

Pure Colour Envy Matte Lipsticks (in stores now).

I’m not a shiny lips lover. I like a classic, but bold lip. Matte lipsticks are my absolute favourite and having a whole collection of matte lipsticks nearly made my lipstick loving heart palpitate. These are hydrating, full dimension, lasting colour lipsticks that if you see in the store, you need to snap up.

Here are some swatches of my favourite colours.

Little Black Liner (launching in September)

Following the footsteps of their Little Black Primer, this Liner is a foolproof way to achieve the timeless cat eye.

No mess, no tricky brush, no finicky liquids. This dual-ended liner has a fine, marker-style end and a fatter, flatter end for a bolder look.

It is a 12-hour wear, it’s waterproof, and non-flaking.

I call it a dream come true.

Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact (launching in September)

Estée Lauder took their iconic Double Wear foundation and just made it even more amazing.

I travel. A regular gal-on-the-go. One thing that I struggle with when I travel is taking my full-size bottle of my foundation with me. So bulky. So messy.

Estée Lauder thought of everything when they came up with this.

A liquid compact! Housed in a spill-proof, mess-free compact – click once and out pops a perfect amount of foundation.

I know, right?!? It’s like they reached into my brain and pulled out all of my makeup dreams in this collection.

Wait till you see it all…

I can’t wait for Fall!!

M Fab LinerLover

Looking forward to reading your comments!