Nesting: Merging Your Styles

July 30, 2015

My last challenge in the bout to become Western Canada’s Next Home Stylist is up!

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It’s all about ‘nesting‘ and how to merge 2 styles into one.

Here’s my take on it:

So you’ve fallen in love and it’s time to move in together; pack your boxes and call the movers!

But what happens when it’s time to merge your two style personalities into one?

You compromise and edit your belongings, keeping treasures and buying new to blend into a cohesive style that you can both comfortably call home…


For him, it’s a love for the outdoors. The rustic finishes of nature and an industrial feel.

He has an eclectic style and likes to mixes antiques with warm woody tones.

His Keeps:

His Seletti’s split plates offer a vintage look with the surprise flair of a modern design.

While his Urban Barn reclaimed wood table shares old world charm with a fresh coat of polish.

For art, he loves Dave Barnes who takes vibrant ideas and paints on old furniture scraps.

His mix of old and new in this collection is sure to satisfy his partner.


For him it’s all things sleek and modern.

He enjoys a clean aesthetic, pops of colour and show-stopping conversation pieces.

His Keeps:

A fan of Calgary born artist Chris Cran, the art is the perfect way to add the bursts of colour into the new shared home while the abstracted black and white images harkening back to an era gone by will appeal to his partner.

The Seletti baroque style pottery offers a colourful twist which plays off two times, sure to delight each of the dwellers.

Adding in Urban Barns metallic bar stools will introduce that industrial feel, while the high polished finish will help keep the kitchen clean and now!

For their new nest, the couple plans to keep the walls, window coverings, flooring and countertops white to allow their personal affects to take centre stage.

The couple has come together and blended their styles; Each piece in the home an homage to their individual style, yet visually appealing to both.

Hope you like my ideas and thanks again for the VOTES!

Mr. Fab home stylist

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