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Tyrrells ‘Chips’ Giveaway

July 22, 2015

I am an Anglophile. Living in London for two years in my 20s was an incredible adventure fuelling my adoration of English culture… And, believe it or not, English cuisine.

I love their daily tea and biscuit break, their dairy products are the best in the world and they are world-leaders when it comes to variety and the seriousness to which they take their ‘crisps’.

Now, in North America, we call crisps ‘chips’… But calling them that in England will land you with a steaming hot plate of what us North Americans call ‘fries’.

From ‘Prawn Cocktail’ to ‘Pickled Onion’ they are very adventurous with their flavours. Tyrrells is a small and passionate English brand of potato chip makers that has been selling some of their most popular flavours in Canada for the past while. But, with summer finally here, they are releasing their newest flavour – English Barbecue.


Considering myself a bit of a chip connoisseur, I was pleased to find out these are small batch chips, cooked in sunflower oil which gives the chip a nice curl. I also love these are vegan and gluten-free and made with nothing artificial.

It’s obvious the Queen approves and so do I.


Want to try these chips out? You’re in luck!

One amazing Fab reader will win this fun Tyrrells prize, packed full of ‘crisps’ and regally arriving in this Queen-approved mini trunk.


There are two ways to enter!

#1 Comment below and let us know

What the most adventurous chip favour you’ve ever tried?


#2 Tweet me:

Hey @immfab, I want to get crispy with @Tyrrells this summer. #TyrrellsFirstBite #contest

The winner will be selected Friday – so enter today!

M Fab BQ Chips

  1. Sour Cream and Bacon (and they are GOOD!). When I’m in the UK this summer I am hoping I can find Chip Shop Curry – that would be brilliant! [Suzi]

  2. I love the trunk ! We have a London room that it would look fab in! And who doesn’t love potatoe crisps!!!

  3. I tried Lay’s Bacon Poutine (I think it was only available for a limited time), didn’t like it.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I hate to admit it but I may be a chip addict. I’ll think about attending a meeting latter! Hello, my name is Jenifer and I am a crisp addict….love the Tyrell brand…CRUNCH!
    Shrimp chips…not my groove but hey, I still finished the bag!
    Doing the Queen wave right now dreaming of a suitcase full of chips. Really ithey’re all you need to travel…xo

  5. I’ve tried all the weird lays contest ones – the grilled cheese was actually pretty good!

  6. My most adventurous chip was a homemade one, made by taking various flours, mixing with oil and rolling in fresh herbs like lemon thyme, basil, parsley. Then sprinkling with salt and cutting them with a ziz zag cutter into rectangles and baking. I tried different herbs snipped fresh from the garden for different chips. They came out OK, but not good enough to give to company, but good enough for me!

  7. Hi Jenifer – congrats! You are the winner of the Tyrrells ‘crisps’ pack! We love your chip perseverance with the shrimp chips and are picturing you Queen waving your way to victory right now…

    Please send me an email:

    megan@ our blog’s URL

    …and I’ll hook you up with this sweet (and crispy) prize pack!

    Speak soon

  8. Wavy Mango Salsa OMG these are so good! A friend picked them up when we were on our way to the beach, only thing missing was a great drink to go with them!

  9. Hi Jen
    We’d love to hear from you. The prize will be valid until tomorrow at noon (July 29) and then we’ll have to give it to some other Fab Friend.
    Email me with your details!
    Megan@ our blog’s URL
    Speak soon!
    M Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!