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Twelfth Night

July 20, 2015

Sunshine, Park & Words. Three of my favs. Mix in the opening of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” by Repercussion Theatre and I’m jumping for joy like a 3yr old après a rocket pop.

Repercussion Theatre produces Shakey’s pieces in numerous parks across Montréal for the month of July (3rd-26th) for FREE! That’s correct, part of the company’s mandate is to make theatre accessible to all no matter the income bracket. BRA-FRIGGIN’-VO!

Loved that the set seemed an extension of the park. Speaking of, you can rent a chair or feel free to bring a blanket and have a picnic while watching. Meet friends for a bite before and then watch the show. Remember, you are in Quebec, so feel free to pop open that bottle of champers. Talk about civilized!
NB bring an extra blanket… or your copain to curl up beside as it gets chilly once the sun sets.

Scared by Shakespearean language? Don’t be. Twelfth Night is an entertaining comedy with plenty of ‘clown’ scenes. Everyone likes to laugh, oui? And with a seasoned actor like, Paul Rainville as Malvolio, because of his effortless command of the text, the story is as clear as Vera Wang Wedgewood crystal.

Félicitations to the new Artistic Director, Amanda Kellock! This production of Twelfth Night is definitely fun and deserves to be seen. And, c’mon, classical theatre for FREE?! No brainer. Allez!

Grab your besties, a bottle of your fav & a blanket. Sidle up next to the stage and be taken away until July 26th! Now when those donation baskets come by remember what you usually pay for a specialty coffee. And, leave double ;).


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