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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

July 17, 2015

One of the greatest things my mom has taught me is how to shop a sale.

Grab a coffee and get there early!

So this morning, when Nordstrom invited me in to shop their annual July ‘Anniversary Sale’ before they opened the doors to the masses, I arrived early, stopped by their E-bar, grabbed myself a non-fat sugar free raspberry latte and started pounding on thier windows.

(My Mom, who I’m sure is reading this, is going to be so proud)…

Now unlike typical ‘sales’ where retailers reduce prices to clear out old unwanted stock, Nordstrom actually brings in brand-new on-trend merchandise and reduces its prices for just two weeks (then it’s put back to regular retail price)…

Shoes, clothing, accessories and beauty, there is something for everyone!

This annual event has been a tradition of Nordstrom since they aquired the shops in the 60’s. And before that, the former retailer known as Best Apparel had dated this ‘sale’ back to the 40’s.

So what were some of my greatest fashion finds this morning?

I’m literally going crazy over these Cole Haan shoes!

$265.00 on sale for $185.84

This Herschel Back Pack ($90 on sale for $59.90) and theses dark denim Citizens ($244 on sale for $162.90)

And then there were the tops.. Too many to talk about! The newest in fall fashion…. All on sale!

This is truly a unique ‘sale’ unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

Thanks Nordstrom for valuing your shoppers!

Mr. Fab annual sale

Looking forward to reading your comments!