DIY Paper Party Decor

July 10, 2015

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It’s all about planning parties for you and your friends.

Below is how I turned a simple tabletop into a colourful presentation with Paper Crafts that cost me less than $50 to make!

Take a look:

I love hosting impromptu cocktail parties with my friends, but for me it’s as much about the décor as it is the food and drinks.

And being born particularly fussy and meticulous, I insist on having a cohesive look that all flows together.

Welcome to my Pretty Paper Craft Party!


It’s all about the sweet treats to fill the table and the delicate DIY paper crafts that’ll add the additional whimsy and charm!

Calgary is full of specialty bakery & sweet shops who can help create custom colours and flavours like the desserts that filled my table. Crave has, what I consider to be, the best cupcakes in the world… Whist the French pastry chefs at Ollia continue to whip up flavourful macrons & meringues that rival those I have tasted while visiting Paris.


To complement the amazing colours of the desserts, I purchased $40 worth of craft supplies and created full décor.

Colourful card stock was easily turned into chain link streamers and a playful banner which I used as a skirt around my beautiful silver grey ‘Chateau Extension Dinning Table’ from Urban Barn.


For a little overhead flare I opted to craft ‘fold & puff’ tissue paper globes in a variety of sizes and colours.

Hanging the globes at a variety of lower levels helps bring down the ceiling creating a more cozy and intimate space.


While cutting the paper crafts you’ll find yourself with leftovers… Use scraps to create minature flags for desserts or for cute thank-you cards!


As for the table top, I styled it using elegant crystalled cake stands and other non-traditional items, such as candle holders, to house additional desserts and add height variation to the display.


The entire party look is environmental friendly, recyclable and is as colourfully delicious as the sweets are tasty!


Hope you enjoy my DIY Paper Party!

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