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THEFACESHOP – The Spoil Moi Rotten Shop

July 2, 2015

You’re booked on a 16hr overseas flight. In coach. And, they bump you up to first class ‘just because’. That’s how I feel when I win ANYTHING. So, when out of the blue, THEFACESHOP contacted me to say I’d won their summer haul, I was thrilled!  


I had to share with you, cher readers as I’d never tried any of their products before because they’re new to Canada. And, I’m SOLD! 

The Peach Foaming Cleanser coupled with the Mild Papaya Peeling Exfoliant. Brilliant. Sensitive skin? This is your best ami. Very gently cleans & sloughs off dead skin cells to keep your pretty visage ready for its next close-up.

Wanting a little extra something before a big event? THEFACESHOP has a plethora of masks to choose from. From my mini haul, I’d recommend the Vita C the day before a big night. Your skin will give J Glo a run for her money.

Now that your face is prepped, time for the colour! Why not have some fun? 2015 is all about Tangerine and THEFACESHOP knows how to do pigment! It’s all hues of sweetness: Real Gloss in “Sunkiss Orange”, Eyes Edge Stick in “Over Girl Peach” & Gel Touch Nails in “Mango Sorbet”. Glides on smoothly with a pop of colour that lasts all day. You’ll be magnificent in mandarin!

Saving the best for last. The combo Mango Seed Lip & Eye Make-up Remover and Cleansing Butter. Bonus: no stinging with the make-up remover & safe for contact lense wearers. Now, the Cleansing Butter blew my mind. 


Creamy, smells amazing and works like a DREAM. Rub in & wipe off with a tissue. Everything came off. EVERYTHING including my mascara. 


It’s a modern girl’s cold cream, that’ll have Caitlin to Kylie to M Fab screaming for more!

A massive MERCI BEAUCOUP to THEFACESHOP. You made a lady feel pretty special!

While you’re sampling the new shops in Canada, I’ll be wishing for you all to win a package like I did. Bonne chance!



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