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Tattoo Tattaa – An European Invasion

June 30, 2015

My bros are tatted. Beautiful artwork from head to toe. Moi? I’ve never been able to settle on a pair of heels I want forever, let alone permanent ink on my skin.

So imagine my delight when I received a temporary tattoo from the Berlin based company Tattoo Tattaa!

Corina Keller is the brain behind the unique new high quality line. No butterfly henna to be seen! Lasting 3-7 days, this wicked European brand is anything but the expected.

From Cute.

To Clever. 

To Chic.

And then, to Cheeky.

Tattoo Tattaa has something for everyone.

Upon receiving my ‘Super Cat’, I skimmed the instructions.

Easy as 1.



Want your own quirky tat, but can’t commit just yet? Peruse Tattoo Tattaa’s array and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Corina has created one to match your every mood.

It’s finally summer, but I’m feeling my December insulation.

Bad Date? Surreptitiously wet your napkin & apply to your forearm. Let the art do the talking. 
Missing that special someone, but shy to pick up the phone?

And, a special one for the YYC readers to adjust to 12th Ave. 😘

Regardless of your taste, Tattoo Tattaa has something for everyone. High quality temporary body art for 3€ or 2 for 5€? Oui, svp! Order yours today. If you get the SuperCat, you can join my gang. We wear heels & eat les macarons. Mrow. 😼



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