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Surfing in the City

June 23, 2015

Every city has something special and unique that makes its residents proud.

And in Calgary, AB the newest ‘look what we’ve got’ is happening in the city’s downtown.


I had to give it a go!

So I called Rocky Mountain River Surfing and signed up for thier 2 hour experience!

A dry land lesson and an in the water side kick to make sure things didn’t go sideways.

So go, get your surf on! If you have your own equipment, it’s free, open to the public, but if you need all the gear and a lesson or two, call up RMRS.

The 2 hour day of fun, with all the bells & whistles you’ll need to keep warm & dry will run you about $90/per person.

Well worth it for this unique inner city experience!

Mr. Fab surfs

Looking forward to reading your comments!