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Father’s Day Gift Giveaway!

June 16, 2015

Sometimes I think it would be easier to enroll in advance algebra, than it would be to nail the perfect gift for a guy.

Now my Brother is a Father and for years his wife has been calling, pleading for help to find the perfect Father’s Day gift.

So this year, I’ve decided to help her out!

Below you’ll find my top 5 unique & interesting picks which I think make great gifts for Dad… (Or any guy for that matter).

AND the best part of this list?!…  I’m giving it all away!!! (Details at the bottom)

Here it is:

#1. Candy Box 


This sweet filled subscription service will have dad snacking on treats he’s never seen before.

The Vancouver based company packs it’s boxes with sugary delights from around the world!

Choose a $20 box as pictured, or upsize to the $40 box and really satisfy his sweet tooth!

Candy Box is available as a 1-time gift or as a subscription!

Shop HERE.

#2  Clarins Men


Sunday is Father’s Day, not Grandparent’s Day, and his skin should reflect that.

Clarins makes a great line of hydrating products, formulated for men, to help slow the signs of aging and repair damaged skin.

They’ve recently launched 2 new products that I just can’t get enough of! A revitalizing duo, which includes an Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum and Revitalizing Gel.

They also have a great travel size kit that has everything he’ll need for a quick post workout refresher.

So don’t let Mom be the only pretty one, he deserves to look great to!

Shop HERE.

#3 Icebreaker: Merino Wool Active Gear


Icebreaker has developed a new technology called Cool-Lite. The garments combines merino wool with a eucalyptus wood fibre called Tencel. This combination breathes better and keeps the body cooler than regular merino garments.

But that’s not all!

It dries fast, wicks 3x faster, keeps you 40% cooler then merino wool AND it resists odour!

Their unbelievably lightweight  ‘Strike’ workout collection will keep you cool and is equipped with eyelet panels for ventilation, while their durable ‘Compass’ collection is the perfect line to wear camping or hiking. Amazingly versatile and comfortable.

This is THE product you never knew existed and trust me, he’s going to go wild for it!

Shop HERE.

4. Frank & Oak


This Canadian born brand offers self labeled clothing and accessories at an amazing price point.
In addition to thier well made, fashion forward collection, they also offer a personal styling program named the ‘Hunt Club’.

All you do is answer a few questions about you likes & dislikes and thier stylists will curate a collection that is right for you.

Then, each month, a box filled with great fashion will arrive on your doorstep. Keep what you love and send back any item that’s just not the perfect fit for you. All your shipping is included at no charge!

It’s a great way to keep Dad current & fresh.

Shop HERE.

#5 Sock Box

 If Dads a corporate suit guy the Sock Box subscription will make the perfect fit!

For only $12 (shipping included) pops will POP!

This Calgary born company searches out some of the best quality, colors and prints in the market when it comes to socks.

From the newest Canadian brands like Friday Sock Co. to California lines like Richer Poorer Inc. Sock Box always delivers the best!

And if you’re in Calgary and you place the order today, Sock Box will have Dads first pair to him by Sunday!

Shop HERE.

Now onto the part where I give ALL the items featured above away… And I’ll make it simple!

Leave a comment below and tell me which brand or item is your favourite!

Don’t be greedy, just pick one, and on Friday I’ll randomly choose 5 winners to each receive their selected collection!

And if you want a bonus entry, just tweet me your top pick to @immrfabulous

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there and to the single Moms that play  both roles!

Mr. Fab day!

  1. Clarins men…skin care is very important. I try and get my husband to use skin creme…thanks for showing this!

  2. I have a Icebreaker t-shirt and it’s my go-to weekend shirt. It’s quality all around and no stink so you can wear it for a week if you wanted. They are also awesome for travel. Pricey but worth the money. Not a big fan of Frank & Oak unfortunately, their quality is the same as the Gap kinda cheap.

  3. SockBox – what a fun gift! LOVE that the subscription is exclusive to Canada! Unique & original! Great find Mr Fabulous!!!

  4. Good day Mr. Fab! I just saw you on telly and thought you were…well…Fabulous! I really like the Icebreaker clothing especially the “Compass” collection. I believe my husband, Tim, who is an amazing Dad would enjoy wearing one of those wonderful shirts as we enjoy hiking the Bragg Creek and Kananaskis trails. Warm regards, Jules

  5. I LOVED the idea’s on Breakfast Television this morning. The shirt from Born in Nature was MY absolute favorite! I know the men in my life would prefer CANDY but the shirt was AMAZING Perfect for Stampede and for birthdays too! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Okay in an effort not to be greedy I think that the Candybox will go over wonderfully! I am going to bookmark that for future gift needs because it’s awesome

  7. I LOVE the Sock Box idea. A gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. What a great idea! AND I love the funky socks as will my husband (and brother and dad too). Thank you for the great ideas today on BT! I also plan on getting a few of my girlfriends the candybox gift for their upcoming bdays. Thanks again for the suggestions!

  8. The Born In Nature collection is excellent. The ice breaker technology is especially appealing for the active dad so this is my pick! I could see the smile on his face already 😉
    Frank and Oak is a close second… But that’s more for me!
    Thanks Mr. Fabulous, keep it comin!

  9. Sock box! I love fun socks as a gift and I’ve looked into sock box before. It’s definitely fun ( who doesn’t love mail that isn’t a bill!?) and cheaper than American competitors. 🙂

  10. My husband would love the Icebreaker: Merino Wool Active Gear!

    Tweeted as @greeeneyedwhwom


  11. Choose only one?! Now, that’s a hard task. Everything’s so great, much like You!
    Ok, the candy. No! the sox. No! the cool, no-stink active wear. But then the facial stuff would be nice too. What guy takes better care of their skin than their wife? i know my hubby certainly does not! Hmm? Knowing he’d love it all… I think he’d like the candy the best. Ok, that’s it, the candy, pls.
    Love your site.

  12. Frank and Oak has such nice clothing and accessories. I would love to win this gift pack for my dad!

  13. I think the icebreaker shirts are awesome. My husband is buying a lot of the shirts that are supposed to wick away sweat but never really do.

    As a side note, I’m going to go check out the candy box…maybe for him, but most likely for me 🙂

  14. Icebreaker: Merino Wool Active Gear. My dad thinks he’s Lance Armstrong, without the doping part.

  15. The Ice Breaker Cool-Ice looks amazing! My fiance and or Dad would LOVE it! Everything looks super “cool”(forgive the play) and only you would source out these great gifts – you truly are Mr Fabulous!

  16. Since I’m dealing with a guy who sweats from breathing, I would say the Icebreaker is the way to go. He needs something to wick away moisture and keep him cool.

  17. The Frank & Oak brand is definitely my favorite out of all the fabulous gift ideas you listed!! I would love to gift this for Father’s day!

  18. My favourite is the Icebreaker: Merino Wool Active Gear which would be perfect for when my dad works out.

  19. I bet with those Frank & Oak goodies, my dad will go from fashion drab to fashion fab in no time! And thank you for the opportunity to make this a great Father’s Day!

  20. oooh without a doubt Icebreaker! Have a few pieces have given all the men in my fam some too. the NEW cool lite line wouldd be so amazing to gift!

  21. If it was Mother’s Day, I’d be all over the Candy Box, but my husband’s favourite pick would have to be the Icebreaker wear!

  22. Ha Ha – My nephew would think his grandpa would be the coolest ever in the Sock Box collection – Thanks Mr. Fabulous!

  23. My dad would love #3 – Icebreaker. He runs everywhere in his wool socks, and a wool top would blow his mind.

  24. My wife says I should try my luck at winning the sock box since she takes my socks all the time.

  25. My dad would love the Frank and Oak cause he needs a new look! Don’t tell him I said that!!!!

Looking forward to reading your comments!