Model Mondays

Kissing Glass; A Model’s Life

June 10, 2015

I’ve always dreamt of being a model and when I was 19 my agent at the time gave me my first break; A background model in a casino photo shoot!

I thought I had ‘made it’!

Then for days, months and years afterwards I scoured thousands of images of casinos looking for my blurry face, sadly, never to find it.

But the model life didn’t end there; There were more great opportunities and every now and again I see my face pop up in a random places.

And each time, I’m more excited than the last. 

Well it’s happened again and this time it made a full page in a magazine!


I was lucky enough to book this job for Lux Windows a few months back.

And the photo shoot was a blast!


Where else would you ever get to make out with a panel of glass in front of a team of people! 

It was a fun day spent with some pretty talented people who produced a great campaign…

And as for that pane of glass… I think we’re dating!


Mr. Fab window

Looking forward to reading your comments!