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The Wine. The Cheese. The Tarts

June 9, 2015

When I moved to Ontario two years ago I made a long list of to-do’s. From destinations to events to festivals, Canada’s largest province has a lot to discover.

And now, most recently, I can lay claim that I’ve conquered a small piece of Southwest Ontario!


In between the Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron shorelines, Southwest Ontario is the latest ‘it’ location if you are a foodie and wine lover.


With over 30 wineries in this region, I was able to taste the best of the best at the recent Ontario’s Southwest City Fare recently held in Toronto’s Wychwood Barns.

Ontario is peppered with world-class wineries, and my top two favourite wines from this region were…

Bonnieheath Estate’s Marquette.

This red was spicy and memorable.

And Blueberry Hill Estate’s Blueberry wine.

Need I say more?!

Perfect on its own, it was light, fruity and distinct… Imagine it in a sangria or a spritzer?!


Now along with wine we must have cheese!

Ontario’s Southwest has a ‘Cheese Trail’ and my favourite cheese of the night was the award winning cheddar from Bright Brand Cheese and Dairy

The perfect sharpness without going over board.


This area is also booming with gourmet meats and creative bakeries.

I loved the award-winning sausage from Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co –  so flavourful and they have well over 50 varieties!


But, the stand out treat for me on the night was the Leaping Deer Farm’s butter tarts.

So flaky and just enough sweet;

They are now haunting my dreams and I have no choice but to drive down to Ingersoll to stock up!


Sipping Strawberry lager, apple cider and taking home some fabulous maple syrup – this event was great and showed me just how much variety this area offers.

It’s a perfect weekend getaway.

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