NYC Smiles

June 8, 2015

A few weeks ago I made a quick decision to jump on a plane and head to NYC.

A bit overwhelmed with a looming inbox of overflowing emails I just couldn’t keep up with, I decided I needed a break to breath.

And for me, NYC is not only the ‘city that never sleeps’, it’s the city that can bring you back to life! 


It was a week to refresh, revitalize and of course – smile! Here are a few photos of things that made me happy.

Sweets in Brooklyn


Sunday morning I hit the subway with friends and a few stops later we were in Brooklyn to spend the day.

Great shops, restaurants, bars and sweet treats!

Magnolia Bakery


Sex and the City turned this West Village bakery into a star overnight.

And much like Carrie’s love for Big, mine is full blown for their Coconut Cake!

Random Parks

There are little parks all throughout the many neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Special green spaces you can relax and daydream in.

This Girl

I was so lucky to be introduced to Amy a few years ago. A co-worker of a friend, this girl has always made my time in NY special.

This visit she introduced me to Soul Cycle and reminded me that hardcore fitness is best left to the professionals.

The Subway

It’s hot, sticky and has a distinct smell, but it’s quick, efficient and always an adventure.

The Natural History Museum

Their mish mash of exhibits are hidden about a rather large historical building in a maze like fashion.

The museum is complicated, confusing and some areas haven’t been touched since it opened in the late 1870’s. But that’s what makes it interesting.

The Solace


Those unexpected moments where you oddly find yourself alone.

The Food

Discovering a BEET like no other.

A meal you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Thanks NYC for giving me the time to catch my breath and smile!

I will always be in love with you!

Mr. Fab smiles

Looking forward to reading your comments!