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Just For Him – Canada’s Première Men’s Fashion Festival

June 3, 2015

Fashion. Première. Men. “These are a few of my favorite things…”

Imagine my delight when all three are combined together. Thanks to ‘Just For Him’, the first ever Men’s Fashion Festival in Canada, my triple crown dream came true!

Just for Him Fashion Show

3 day fête spear-headed by Hamza Mejri.


The festival opened with a gallery night of male inspired paintings. Followed by an exhibition of male fashion photography.

The last night consisted of fashion shows of 9 up-and-coming designers along with 6 well established lines, such as Tom Tailor, XOOS and Tristan.

furry face model

It was a man affair with versatility on the menu.

From casual…

mens fashion

To contemporary… 


To cutting edge!


And personally, I dug this fresh line by Montréal designer Marc de Storm.


It’s a MTL cycling brand that’s functional on and off the bike.


Plus, all products are made locally in Quebec. (Mon copain rides every day Monsieur de Storm!)

Another stand-out line of the evening, was Guillotine by another Montréal designer, Danniel Oickle.


One of a kind, handmade bow ties & bouttonnières. 


A combination of polymer and re-purposed vintage silk ties. And, all of the ties have a special NAME – ie: Peyton.

So freaking awesome, I had to have one!


As a first ever festival, I commend Hamza and everyone else who made “Just For Him” happen.

I was impressed by the number of nouveaux designers that showed, the make-up & hair were spot on and the models were wickedly diverse.


For next year, I’d love to see this festival take a step up (let’s face it, not even Bae herself can pull off overhead fluorescents).

A bigger venue with a full-out lighting rig, more models stompin’ down the runway… And for me, a faster shutter speed to catch the zippy models who I could only capture a blurry shot of.

That said, merci to these two who always slowed it down and gave me options!



It was a great 3 days and I’m honestly already looking forward to what ‘Just For Him’ will do next year. With a few tweaks, even Ms. Wintour will clamour from front row.

Until then, I’ll watch male fashion sashay down rue Saint Laurent. Chassé. Chantez!

Mlle Fab For Him


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