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Maple Syrup – Aunt Jemima’s Fancy Relative

June 2, 2015

Being the youngest with two older brothers, meal times were a ‘grab now or forever hold your peace’. There are stories of someone hiding a block of cheese under her pillow, so her brothers wouldn’t consume it all. And when goodies came into la maison, forget about it!

So growing up in rural SK, a treat like pure maple syrup was a rarity in our house.


Imagine my delight upon arriving in Quebec and seeing maple syrup flowing like the River Seine in the grocery aisles. You can find the delectable liquid gold from 6$ to 12$ a tin depending on the grade of the syrup.

Maple Syrup

À mon avis, the best is straight from the farm. My recommendation is the Ferme de la famille Coté à Roxton-Pond. A family run business in Roxton Pond, about 90min outside of Montréal in the eastern townships.

Like wine, production is dependent on tree sap volume that year, so pre-purchase is necessary to guarantee your tin. Most farmers in Quebec make maple syrup as a side business because it’s one product that can be produced in the winter.

Use it on crêpes.


As a sugar replacement.

sugar maple syrup

Or in specialty cocktails.


Once you try the real sirop d’erable, you’ll understand why Quebecers call regular table syrup: “sirop de poteau” aka syrup of the telephone pole ;).

Before leaving la belle province, leave room in your suitcase for a tin or five. You’ll be the star at your next brunch. Worried your family will snag it all? Keep one under your pillow.

Bon appetit!


Mlle Fab aple Syrup Hoarder


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