Owning Fargo

May 29, 2015

Last year, Fargo, which was mainly filmed in Alberta, captured the Golden Globe for Best Mini-Series.

And this year production returned to Alberta for season 2… But this time Fargo underwent a time warp and set its story in 1979.

A-list celebrities like Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson, Jean Smart and Patrick Wilson were cast to tell the story of murder and mystery in the small North Dakota city.

Filming began November of 2014 and wrapped late last month.

And now, the show is on sale!

Tonight, I was invited into the private production studio where I was able to view thousands and thousands of set decor and props that were purchased to furnish the many locations used to film in.

Fargo Calgary Golden Globe Set Dec

Walking in to the mass studio there were many traces and clues to what might unfold during next season.

Fargo FX Set House Lou Mini Series

A huge split level house, still intact remained hidden in the far corner of the studio, over-looked by the handful of people invited to shop.

And in several spots along the floor, dried “blood” remains.

FARGO FX Set Blood

If season 1 taught us anything about the sleepy town, we know there will be a murderous plot!

And what about the home décor?

Mail Box Fargo Mini Series Gloden Globe

Household items displayed on towering shelves and lined the floors row by row.


An endless collection of vintage lamps.

Fargo FX home Lamps SET

And there was furniture for days!

Fargo Set Decor Peggy

The massive studio filled to the brim with enough time capsuled pieces that if you purchased them all, you’d be able to film your own dated mini series!

And in case you need to wardrobe all your friends who you hope will partake in your very own 1979 Truman Show, there’s enough clothing to cover a couple hundred of them.

FARGO FX Set Clothing Wardrobe Actor

So what treasures did I find?

Besides this amazing dog vase, which I left behind, I was able to only purchase 1 item for myself.

And here’s what I chose.

A vintage diner coffee carafe splattered with blood.

The mystery of what happened on set along side this seemingly innocent prop will be unknown until Fargo returns to FX this fall!

For those who are looking to pick up a piece of Fargo.

The set sale runs Saturday May 30, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 2344 Portland St. S.E. Calgary, AB. And an auction of vehicles used in the show will begin at 1 p.m! (Registration at Noon)

Happy Shopping!

Mr. Fab argo

Looking forward to reading your comments!