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Humidity Hu-schmidity – Stila Saves the Day

May 26, 2015

Never fear, even as a humid summer draws near… Stila saves the day.

No more melting make-up when the humidex is on the rise. No more worry of dripping brows, cheeks or lips. Stila’s innovative Stay All Day range is completely water, sweat and humidity proof!

Perfect for this Toronto city gal. The humidity here can be out of control in the summer and I don’t want to have to forgo make-up all summer long.

Their collection ranges from brows, to cheeks to lips. Here are my favourites I know you will love.

Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick


This incredibly long-lasting liquid lipstick stays put up to 6 hours. Trust me. It doesn’t move, doesn’t cake, and doesn’t flake.

Released in June at select Shoppers Drug Mart beautyBOUTIQUE’s, there are five new shades inspired by Italian sunsets in Italy: Rosa, Como, Bella, Venezia and Amalfi. Como is my dream-come-true colour. The perfect bold purple.


Aqua Glow™ Watercolor Blush


Following Korean beauty trends, this water-based, weightless blush has a texture like I’ve never seen for a blush before. It feels like water but is super pigmented with colour that hydrates and rejuvenates. Rather than a layer of blush over top of your foundation, when you apply this (best done with your fingers), it rests into your skin – like a fresh from within glow. And this baby stays put. There are five shades from subtle to bold: Rosewater, Water Blossom, Shimmering Lotus, Water Poppy and Water Lily.

Here is a peek at what the container looks like:

Stila_Aqua_Glow_Watercolor_Blush Water_Lily_pot_view

The liquid is trapped by a mesh. Tip – give it a good shake before you open it.


Stay All Day® Brow Gel

If your brow icon is Cara Delevingne not a circa-90s Madonna – this product is for you. This long-wearing gel adds crazy volume and texture. Beef up those brows by applying this gel (that comes in five colours!) using a spooley brush, making upward strokes that mirror your brow hairs’ natural positioning. I can’t get over how well this product works. From a meek brow to a meow brow in no time.


And finally, the Stay All Day® Waterproof Brow Colour Pens

Not looking for volume but feeling a little sparse up there? I adore these waterproof brow colour pens. They resemble markers, but their tips are made up of tiny hairs, so they grip and colour your existing hairs while adding depth to your overall brow look. I love them. And I love that they don’t smudge. Not even a bit.

Don’t let humidity put a damper on your make-up game this summer.

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