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Frozen, Muddled & with Marshmallows: 3 Creative Simply Orange Mimosas

May 19, 2015

A Simple Mimosas has 2 ingredients: Orange Juice and Champagne.

But when my favourite brand, Simply Orange, decided to kick up’ their Orange Juice a notch by adding Coconut Water, I decided it was time follow suit and razzle dazzle up my mimosa offerings too!

And since Im always up for a challenge, Im going glass-to-glass with M.Fab in Toronto to see who can create the most unique and creative twist on the classic Mimosa.

Here are my 3 offerings

Ambrosia Mimosa

Ambrosia Mimosa Simply Orange

How do you take your favourite sweet salad and turn it into a liquid lunch

Simple, take:

2 parts Simply Orange with Coconut Water

1 Part Pineapple Juice.

Toss liquids into a shaker filler with ice and dance the room for 30 seconds. 

Pour into champagne glass, top with bubbles and garnish with a mini marshmallow skewer & coconut dipped pineapple wedge

Orange Coconut Creamsicle

Creamsicle Simply Orange Pop

Not all Mimosas need to be served in a glass… And on a hot summers day, this to-go popsicle version is sure to cool you down!

In a sealable container mix 10 parts Simply Orange with Coconut Water with 1 part sweetened condensed milk.

Add a splash off the bubbly stuff and a few drops of clear vanilla extract.

Lightly shake until the concoction is blended together. 

Then carefully pour the mix into popsicle form, add a wedge of orange for sophistication and freeze.

And lastly… 

If youre looking to keep the calories low, try a Blueberry Mint Mimosa

Blueberry Mint Simply Orange Mimosa w Product

Grab some fresh mint, some seasonal blueberries and get your muddle on!

Pour in a generous serving of Simply Orange with Coconut Water (which happens to be 25% less calories than the leading orange juice and only 80 calories per serving!) and top with champs. 

This pulverized blend is light, refreshing as heathy as a mimosa can get!

I hope you like m3 unique takes on the classic mimosa. 

Tomorrow well be pick our top twists and then leave it up to you to vote on whose mimosa rules in the land of FAB!

Will it be M. in the East? or Mr. in the West?

Youll decide!

Mr. Fab mosa 

Looking forward to reading your comments!