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M Fab’s Simply Mimosa Eastern Challenge

May 18, 2015

Mimosas are my jam

Normally associated with brunch, mimosas are a perfect combo of booze and juice. 

So, basically a health drink. I like to think of them as a juice cleanse


So when Simply Orange asked us to take there new 80 calories per serving Simply Orange with Coconut Water (which is 25% less calories then the leading orange juice) to create the perfect brunch-appropriate DIY mimosa – I knew this was something Mr. Fab and I would excel at. 


A friendly challenge was issued; create the best DIY mimosa in Canada


East vs. West

M vs Mr. Fab


I turn into a competition beast when faced with challenges, so I hope you enjoy my three DIY mimosa ideas taking you from a Hawaiian luau to a sophisticated shindig.


Fab’s Hawaiian Luau Mimosa


As Simply Orange’s newest juice is made with coconut water, I thought how fun it would be to visually highlight the coconut!  

By decorating your table in Hawaiian-themed items and wearing festive flowers in your hair, you’re halfway there.


Next just open the coconut, empty the coconut water out and fill ‘er up! 

I did so by singing this little song…

“You put the champagne in the coconut, you drank them both up. 

You put the orange juice in the coconut, you drank them both up…”


Easy as that. And everyone loves to drink out of coconuts. Trust me.





Fab’s Fruity Daiquiri Mimosa


I can’t get enough of blended drinks, so I thought it would be a fun change of mimosa scene to create a Fruity Daiquiri Mimosa.


Keeping your atmosphere simple, decorate your table with some in-season flowers and always use fun straws. 




Just add ice with Simply Orange with coconut water into your blender and blend until smooth. Then add this into your daiquiri glass and top with champagne.


Always stick a cut fruit on the rim, I chose a strawberry because that is what I had in the house, but an orange slice or chocolate-dipped strawberry would also wow the pants off your guests.


Easy, tasty and oh so fancy.




Fab’s Sophisticated Shindig Mimosa


Mimosas are the perfect reason to blow up some balloons. I chose a black and white stripes and polka dot themed spread to stay classy, because this drink is the classiest.


Take your brunch-time mimosa to a whole new level by this ingenious juice hack.


Pour, then freeze your Simply Orange with coconut water into ice cube trays the night before.


In your decorated glass, add 2 to 3 juice cubes then top with champagne.


Voila! The cubes melt slowly and the taste of your drink changes as you sip. 


I loved this idea – so simple and so sophisticated.





So – not only does Simply Orange with Coconut Water taste amazing and make killer mimosas, it’s only 80 calories per serving, it’s never sweetened and there are zero nasty artifical flavours, colours or preservatives. Lovely!

Tomorrow see what Mr Fab has concocted. Wednesday we’ll ask you, our Fab Friends, to vote for your favourite!


M Fab Mimosa Lover

Looking forward to reading your comments!