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SKINN Cosmetics HE Said/SHE Said

April 28, 2015

Last night in the FAB family homes it was Sunday Spa Night thanks to the great treats sent to us by our friends at SKINN.

For my self in Calgary, it was all about deep cleaning the pores from all the spring time dust that’s been whipping through the air with SKINN Vacuum.


After cleansing my skin and tying my hair back with an old shoelace it was time to apply a thick layer of the creaming paste then sit back and relax for 15 minutes well the mask sucked the dirt out of my pores.


A watery rinse later my face shined brighter than waxed linoleum.

Then it was time to Hydrate!

And let’s talk about the smell of the Watermelon Extract Wrinkle Soak!


Put a mini umbrella in it and I’ll drink it!

Sugary sweet and fruity smelling , I made sure to get it as close to my mouth as possible while I was slathering it on!

15 minutes later, I removed with water and my face was plump and juicy!

All said and done, I’m in love with my fancy fresh face!

Now let’s see what M. Fab thought!

M. Fab

Foot Fetish Balm! Yes please, indeed.

The first thing I noticed is the neat and tidy packaging – I love the screwtop and mess-free application.


The second thing I noticed was the smell.

Like an Orange Creamsicle on a hot summer’s day, it was refreshing and delicious, it took everything in my power not to give it a lick.

I loved that it wasn’t the typical peppermint smell you’d normally associate with foot care products

The Foot Balm is so easy to apply – just twist up, roll on and let soak in overnight. It’s lightweight and has a lovely smooth texture that effortlessly blends into those unsightly rough patches on your tootsies!

I absolutely recommend it as a summer must!

Next it was on to the SKINN Olive and Enzyme Make-up Removing & Cleansing Cloths. 


I heard a saying once that make-up wipes should only be used for three things. Flights, Festivals and Fannies… (and not the of the ‘pack’ variety). 

I normally steer clear of wipes because the drying alcohol is so counterproductive to what you want your facial care system to achieve.

However, these wipes say they cleanse, soften, hydrate and are able to remove waterproof mascara… I was so intrigued I had to give them a try!


Infused with vitamin E and micro–oils, these cloths are not only very durable and are the are perfectly sized to get the job done!

Here’s a little live-action video of me taking off my make-up using one of them… Even wearing waterproof mascara. 

Spoiler alert; They did a great job!

Thanks again SKINN for letting us sample so many of your wonderful products.

And if you’re looking to have a spa day of your own? SKINN will be live today on TSC today, April 28th with some amazing Show Stoppers!

Mr & M. Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!