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M Fab’s Top Spring Adult Sippables

April 20, 2015

It’s about this time where I kiss all hot drinks a fond farewell and start reaching for some warmer weather sippables.

Cutting down on my ‘soda pop’ intake, I came across a calorie-less refresher that I can’t get enough of!



Canada Dry has come out with a naturally flavoured Lemon-Lime Club Soda. Low in sodium, this is a bubbly, refreshing delight will pair perfectly with some adult accompaniment (*think Gin).


When I hear the word ‘mimosa’ I jump for joy. Champagne + orange juice = yes please.

Now, add a dash of coconut water and you have me sold!

Simply Orange has come out with an orange juice with Coconut Water. At only 80 calories per cup, this has 25% fewer calories than other OJs. It’s light, refreshing and a lovely way to start your day, champagne or not.



Spring and Summer means ‘Spritzer’ time. A little white wine, a little soda…the perfect patio drink

Recently invited to a wonderful Bonterra Organic Wine tasting at iYellow Wine Club here in Toronto, I walked out just loving their Chardonnay.

Made in Mendocino County, this Californian wine has flavours like green apples, pear and citrus. Not only do I love the taste, I love Bonterra’s commitment to producing sustainable, environmentally friendly wine.

As a spritzer or on its own, the Bonterra range of wines is all now available at the LCBO.

Three cheers for Spring and here’s cheers-ing three times for my Top 3 Spring Sippables!

M Fab Soda and OJ and Spritzers Oh My!


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