Share Your Style!

April 16, 2015

I have such love for home style & décor.

Currently I have an endless supply of home magazines and tear-outs stuffed in all the crevices around my home. And although it’s a questionably desirable look, the hiding spots they’re tucked in to are perfectly beautiful to me.


Home style is a personal choice and now it’s time for you to show off yours in the search for Western Canada’s Next Home Stylist!

It’s simple. Create a 2-3 minute audition video sharing why YOU think your style is the next big thing and submit it HERE by April 30th.

3 finalists will be selected from the entrants and they will then compete against each other in three subsequent challenges.


Then, on August 10th, the winner will be announced and wisked away to take centre stage at the Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver Home & Garden shows where they’ll share their style!

In addition to becoming a source and spokesperson,  you’ll also be given wonderful opportunities to have your style shared by Urban Barn & Western Living.

The entire prize contract is worth approximately $10,000 and its reach will catapult you into home-style stardom!

Next Home Stylist

But for those who are too camera shy to even make the video, I still want to know what YOUR favourite home style includes.

Share with me by leaving a comment below and I’ll randomly select 1 of you to give a $100 Urban Barn gift card to!

It’s that simple!

For me… I love Bright Colors and anything with a bit of whimsy!

Now what’s yours?

Mr. Fab home style

  1. I like texture and changing the room colours with accent pieces like pillows and throws. Your room can go from deep rich burgundy for winter to fresh blues or even orange for spring without changing big pieces like chairs and couches.

  2. Mix in a little vintage with the new stuff, but also add a lil something funky or unique that makes you smile. Things are things, but they can make you feel comfy and at home.

  3. I like simple, clean and comfy. I never want to be in a room that I don’t feel I could relax and kick back. I also like any picture with water as it always seems to extend the room.

  4. While I like simple stylings – I think a touch of whimsy and a splash of colour (like a feature wall or a coloured frame in a collage of pics on the wall – adds a lot of character. I like artwork that is meaningful – photos or paintings of places I have visited!

  5. My favorite home style includes bright, colorful paintings, and interesting vases to add to a room! I love Urban Barn and could spend hours shopping there!

Looking forward to reading your comments!