A Beautiful Face – 3 Amazing Products

April 13, 2015

I’m a guy, so rightfully so: I know very little about about makeup.

Besides wearing a little HD Powder now and again during TV spots, my facial coverage is basic.

But last week I was invited to a beauty launch event which was to feature some brands I’ve heard my readers talk about, as well as the newest line: Paul & Joe, which has recently launched in Canada.


And in order to satisfy my interest in products and come out with a few new ‘favs’ to share with my female readers, I went in bare faced and ready to play.

So what did I find that had me wishing I was a young Tammy Fae ready to explore my options?

These 3 beauties.

Cargo’s Matte Top Coat 


This clear, no color top coat will tranfrom your shiny lipstick into a trendy matte finish.

In 30 seconds your satiny lips will be transformed into suede all while keeping completely moisturized.

Paul & Joe’s Creamy Facial Foam


Cleaning your face with this creamy concoction is a treat.

It’ll take off your makeup, clean your pores and leave your face more hydrated than dipping it into a bowl of water.

Cargo Swimables


I must have tried on a dozen lipliners on my hand that morning and all, for the most part, were great. Just a little bit of muscle work to remove them.

But the Swimables… These lipliners are not going anywhere. I promise you, you could successfully swim the English Channel and come out with your pucker still perfect !

These 3 great products do what they say and completely live up to their expectations.

If I need to wear full face, these will be my go-to’s!

Mr. Fab face

Looking forward to reading your comments!