Toronto’s Fashion Week F/W ’15

April 1, 2015

Excited to attend Toronto’s Fall/Winter ’15 Fashion Week, I rehearsed my best Resting Bitch Face and pulled together my most stylish ensembles – I was ready to be amongst the fashion elite…

I wanted to get a good range of shows under my belt – from denim to knits – really getting a solid look at what’s to come next winter.

My first show was by the denim collective Triarchy. A collaboration between two brothers and their sister.


The show’s theme was “Camp”. Like: sleep in tents, make s’mores kind of camp.

The denim on show ranged from relaxed to fitted, but nary a jegging was in sight.

The washes were on the lighter scale, which played nicely with their use of darker materials for their classic varsity-style jackets.

Make up was minimal; hair was as fresh as it would be if you’d just woken up inside of a tent. The messy man bun was in full effect – so much so, one might describe the hair as a ‘chignon-post-rolling-in-the-hay’. And patches. Everywhere. On the jeans, on the tees, on the jackets. And yes, the type of patches Shelley Long and the rest of gals from Troop Beverly Hills worked so hard for, just to have ripped from their sweet cookie-selling hands… But I digress. Here is a look at the whole collection:

Triarchy LIVE Clip

Next I want to talk about Malorie Urbanovitch

This Edmonton-based designer’s collection was inspired by her recent travels to Morocco.


Fringe, tassels and hand-woven knits, her show was really a pop of intricate eye-candy. There were some bold choices, which I applaud (quietly, whilst ensuring not to look too impressed) but would not wear myself. But I did love the intricate weaving and vibrant colour palette, seen here:

Malorie_Urbanovitch_LIVE Video

And finally I want to share with you my Mackage experience.


It was the last show of the night and Toronto’s star power was out in full effect. From the social-media sensations The Beckerman sisters to supermodel Stacey McKenzie to Suits star Meghan Markle. It was the show to go to if you wanted to be seen. The front row was packed with celebrity… Which made actually watching the show a struggle for me.

People watching is my jam.

The collection was insane. I truly loved it all. Daring fringe, injection of oxblood in their colour palette, bold collars all expressing Mackage’s unique fusion of Canadian practicality with utter chicness. Gorgeous. I want Every. Single. Piece.


But, let’s talk about the celebs… And me trying to corner them and failing miserably (hence zero photos). You see, there are two different worlds at shows like these – you get the main event area, where you might spot an A-lister milling about before stealthily slipping into the other, cordoned off world where champagne flows and gift bags are handed around like candy.

You will not be disappointed with what Fall/Winter 15 has in store. Everything is very wearable with quality pieces that will carry you from year to year.

But, before I sign off… Here is one (creepily sneaky) photo I took of the stunning Meghan Markle…look at how she owns that front row!


M Fab Fashion Week


Looking forward to reading your comments!