Eating It All at The Beltliner

March 29, 2015

Sometimes I wonder if anyone could love eating more than me.

And especially breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast with jam… I love it all!

So when I heard that The Beltliner, a new restaurant in Calgary, AB located on the corner of 2nd St & 12th Ave. SW, was about to open… I knew I had to be the first one to give it a try.

The Beltliner

And thanks to a great friend and text messaging, I was invited to rise and dine in the not yet opened restaurant this past Friday.

And to my delight, thanks to the Beltliner’s lead Chef, Chef Shawn Greenwood, I was treated to a well formulated and creative breakfast menu.

Shawn Grennwood Beltliner

Here’s a few of the surprises you can expect to find when The Beltliner opens this Monday.

Steak & Eggs


An 8oz rib eye steak, which was the most perfectly cooked and seasoned piece of beef I’ve eaten this year, 3 eggs any style, toast and hash browns.

Spicy Salami Benedict with Potato Pave


If you like your breakfast with a bit of a kick, the Benny with Spicy Salami and Banana Peppers is your perfect go to.

Looking for a little more heat? Each table is set with a bottle of The Beltliner’s own house-made hot sauce. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!

Chicken & Waffles


Buttermilk waffles topped with two large bone-in, pickle juice brine soaked breasts. Then the whole breakfast contraption is smothered in white country gravy and served with a side of syrup. It’s classic Americana served in Canada.

And lastly, PB & J pancakes (And it’s not the PB or J you think it is!).

PB& J Beltliner

Two very large, very fluffy pancakes topped with a healthy portion of Pistachio Butter & Fig Jam!

It’s nutty, sweet and like nothing I’ve ever had before! It by far exceeded my expectations and will now sit in my breakfast ‘Hall of Fame’

And then, like I hadn’t got my fill from their generously sized portions…

I ordered the PIES!


Mixed Berry with famed Fiasco Gelato and the most original, authentic Banana Cream Pie in existence… And I was obviously left speechless! (and stuffed)

With so many interesting menu items to try, it’s a guarantee that I’ll  be back for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

The Beltliner will officially open to the masses on Monday, March 30th.

Eat well my friends!

Mr. Fab eltliner


Looking forward to reading your comments!