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Clarins Skin Care for Men

March 23, 2015

I’ve been pretty ‘skin lucky’ thus far in my life.

A few blemishes from time to time and an average amount of wrinkles which I have learned to refer to as ‘smile lines’.

I suppose some of my skin’s behavior has been due to genetics, but I most definitely attribute the majority of its health to my skin fitness routine.

Now I have a lot of secrets when it comes to keeping it in shape, but while I’m travelling, I credit its dewy appearance to Clarins Men.

Clarins MEN

Their line of men’s products not only keeps my skin hydrated, their anti-perspirants keep me dry and smelling like a day spa.

Part of my favourite feature of the Clarins Super Moisture Balm is its easy pump feature that dishes out the perfect amount of non-oily balm.


It’s easy to skimp on the good stuff, but the pump ensures a generous portion which not only comforts & energizes my skin, it also helps soothe any razor burn.

And when I’m starting to run ragged while I’m away, I like to cleanse and refresh using their Fatigue Fighter.


It’s like being unexpectedly slapped.

It wakes you up and keeps you looking like you’re ready to tango.

These 3 items are with me whenever I travel. Their hard plastic shells make them practically indestructible and all the sizes are travel approved! And if I run out, they’re easily replaced from most department or drug stores.

Clarins Men is the perfect travel companion for me!

Thanks for keeping me fresh and fabulous!

Mr. Fab care

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