A Whole New Altitude

March 18, 2015

Good music + Great friends + Endless Selfies = A Perfect Night.

COORS Altitude Beer (8)

But what happens when you add Coors’ newest higher alcohol content brew into the equation?

An Epic Night!

COORS Altitude Beer (6)

A few weeks ago myself and 6 friends put on our dancing shoes and hit up the mid week launch of Molson Coors’ newest addition, Coors Altitude.

With thier ‘light’ product weighing in with a 4% alcohol level, I knew it was best to “proceed with caution” when enjoying Altitude’s 6.4%.

COORS Altitude Beer (4)

That being said, I’ve always been one to throw caution to the wind, so as per usual I decided to forgo the rules and just have a good time!

COORS Altitude Beer (5)



Have you ever flown somewhere and enjoyed a beer or cocktail while on route?

A libation at 35,000 feet or higher?

If you have, then you’ll understand the reason why Coors’ newest family member must be called Altitude.

COORS Altitude Beer (7)

While regular beers have you feel like you’re sitting coach, Coors Altitude skips you through First Class and has you flying the plane.

The taste is smooth and ‘beery’ with a crisp and refreshing aftertaste. It’s was also the perfect compliment to the 16 Taiko Tacos I wolfed back later that night.

COORS Altitude Beer (1)

It was a perfectly fun evening with all the proper fixins of a epic event.

And how well does Coors’ Altitude know me?

Last week I was sent a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of questionnaire where they committed to knowing my personality.

What did they come up with?

The Experimenter aka ‘The Mad Scientist’


Yep, They know me quite well!

Coors Altitude will most definitely be my go-to beer next time I’m looking to kick the night up a notch!

Mr. Fab scientist

Looking forward to reading your comments!