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The Home Depot’s 2015 Spring Collection Preview

February 27, 2015

Winter has been a long one this year, so getting an invite to Home Depot’s Spring Collection Preview was just what I was hoping for. An event that allowed me to imagine myself sitting out on a patio, cooking dinner on a BBQ and soaking up the sun…

Greeted with a colourful array of baked goods and friendly orange-apron’d smiles, we were off to a great start. The Home Depot was about to showcase new items coming this spring, and got four designers to do so by styling DIY Patio concepts.


First Tiffany Pratt took us through her whimsical DIY-inspired vignette. 

Complete with DIY pillows (stuffed with Home Depot plastic bags!)colourful uses of Duct tape and twine, all sitting comfortably under a gorgeous gazebo. Tiffany showed us how it’s easy to add touches of your personality with items off the Home Depot shelves.

Next we ventured to The City Dweller, Tim Lam’s sophisticated and clever outdoor solution for those of us with limited outdoor space.

Using Home Depot’s square outdoor furniture, you can easily play a game of patio Tetris by moving the pieces around to suit the number of guests you have over. Hanging privacy drapes not only creates a cabana-like feeling, but will also stop those pesky neighbours from having a peep.


Next, Designer and Carpenter Chris Palmer walked us through his ‘Manly Backyard’, complete with a custom made stand up wood bar.

This design featured recycled tire floor panels that provide durability and style while acting as a solid foundation for a covered fire pit. He used large and casually durable patio furniture in an earth and green tone.


The final area showcased was HGTV’s Heidi Richter’s gorgeously sophisticated patio. 


Highlighting red, this area’s large dining table was accented with ceramic tile placemats and a stunning Kitchen Aid gas BBQ in their classic red colour

I am certainly excited to do a bit of shopping when this collection hits stores soon.

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