Winefest Giveaway!

February 18, 2015

This Friday, my all time favourite all-inclusive wine tasting event will begin:


3 exciting tasting sessions with Wineries from all over the world.

Revelry Wines WINEFEST 2013

They’ll be uncorking wines of all varieties, and you’ll be able to sip ALL of them (although I suggest you take things slow and steady).

This year, my plan of attack will be: “Drink the Pink”… Sample as many varieties of rosé coloured wines as I can and share my best of the fest when I come-to Monday morning.

But I don’t expect you to 100% take my word for ‘the best’ so I’ll be giving away a set of tickets to a reader and asking them to share 1 of their favourite picks from WINEFEST.

Winefest Calgary 2013 Top Picks (2)

If you’re up for the challenge, and would like to attend WINEFEST on Saturday, Feb 21st from 2-5 pm with a friend; you’ll have 2 ways to enter.

#1 Tweet the following:
I know I’ll be able to find the ‘perfect’ wine this weekend at @winefest. I’ll take the challenge @immrfabulous


#2 Comment Below and tell me:
What’s your favourite colour of wine?

A winner will be randomly chosen in 36 hours and contacted.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Mr. Fab fest

  1. My favourite colour of win is definitely red. I like to smell the bouquet of a good wine, twirl it around in the glass in anticipation, and slowly sip it during a good conversation or dinner. Thanks so much for having a “blog” that allows us the opportunity to win these tickets.

  2. oooh! I love red. But then a really great rose is amazing too – especially with strawberries and brie. And then a crisp white on the deck in the summer sun….Do I really have to pick a fav colour?

  3. White all the way! (In the most un-racist way possible…) Even though this is a short week, it has been a rough one. Let’s just say this week has given me a ‘reisling’ to drink. I need to un-wine-d!

Looking forward to reading your comments!