Canada’s Flag Turns 50

February 15, 2015

50 years ago today, a new flag was raised on Parliament Hill in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa.


Chosen from 3 finalists, the selected flag was designed by George F. G. Stanley.

The simplistic and bold coloured Canadian Flag has represented our country & its people proudly for the past half decade.

Today I paid a visit to the childhood home where George Stanley grew up…


Located in Calgary, AB the family’s home still remains standing in the heart of the city.

Converted to one of the cities most ‘hidden’ brunch spots, locals and visitors are always welcomed to dine in one of the several small rooms that still exist in Stanley’s old home.

Who knows, you might even pick the room where George sat colouring maple leafs as a child.

Happy Birthday Canadian Flag.

Mr. Fab leaf

Looking forward to reading your comments!