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Winter SKYN Solutions

February 9, 2015

Winter is a cruel mistress.

But being Canadian, I get it. There will be winter and my skin will hate me and rebel openly.

This year I wanted to meet that rebellion head on. Providing my skin the moisture I need to combat the drying indoor heat that wreaks skin havoc.

A product by SKYN Iceland – Solutions for Stressed Skin, was brought to my attention.


Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels with Extensin and Peptides.

It claims to ‘help smooth wrinkles in minutes’ and ‘let(‘s) you turn back the clock’ with their ‘peptide-packed transdermal patches’.

Sounds intriguing and scientific. I like that combo, so gave it a try.

There are eight gel patches per package. Four for your forehead, and 4 pairs for your smile lines. So you can touch up when required this winter – SKYN recommends once per week.


The instructions were easy enough. After cleansing your face, remove the backing of each gel pad and apply to your forehead and outer corners of your mouth for 10 minutes.

Once ten minutes is up, gently peel away and throw out.

Here we go!


They feel cool and a whisper slimy when I put them on. They started to feel tight, then, after ten minutes, I peeled them off easily. And no residue!

Once revealed, my face did not appear like I turned back the clock, but it did feel nicely moisturized and soft. I call this a win!

You can find these puppies in any Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada along with their Firming Eye Gels.


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