The Secret Spaces of Rodney’s Oyster House

February 2, 2015

Last week I was invited in to one of Calgary ‘s newest restaurants: Rodney’s Oyster House, and not only did I get a lesson in Oyster shucking from Rodney himself, I was able to explore some of the spaces not yet open to the public.


A few weeks ago, the famed Canadian ‘Oyster House’ opened to the public, but at this time only 3/5ths of the space is open to diners.


Because Rodney wants to make sure the front and back-end teams are perfectly comfortable with their surroundings, they’ve decided to take things slow.


For Rodney it’s not about making money, it’s about getting things right!

“I’m not into making money, I’m into giving a group of kids a chance to make a living.”Rodney


And the food I snacked on while sitting high above the rest of the diners in a not yet open lofted area confirmed to me that his ideas of proceeding slow & steady are indeed the wining formula when it comes to quality and taste!


The food was outstanding and the conversation I had with Rodney was unforgettable.

And although not 1 bad oyster was in sight that night, I did ask “How would I know if one had gone bad?”


“You’d know. They smell like the day after pickled eggs and wiener night at the legion!” – Rodney

Quality oysters and as Rodney put it, an evening filled with “social intercourse”, all the guests in his ‘house’ left with happy tummies and a great memories.


It was a great night.

Mr. Fab oyster

Looking forward to reading your comments!