The Best I’ve Ever… A Facial

January 14, 2015

Have you ever dined at a restaurant, shopped in a store, or even had a spa treatment that was so amazing you were at a loss for words?

I have!

And being a writer/blogger, that’s a tricky spot to be in.

How do I share my experience when I don’t even know where and how to begin?

So I decided.

A round up of a few photos, with a little text and my promise that these moments were:

“The Best I’ve Ever Had!”


A few weeks before Christmas it was time to visit the spa to ‘freshen up’ pre family.
Wanting to to look the part of younger brother I decided a microdermabrasion appointment at one of Calgary’s best spas, Sante Spa, was in order.


After a calming tea, it was all hands on deck as years of dead skin cells where sanded off my face.

And this wasn’t just a quick buff… Not at Sante Spa.

Post sanding the esthetician pulled out a set of brushes and like a famed painter applied the ‘best I’ve ever had’ facial mask!


A 90 minute specialized facial treatment that left me with a silky smooth and rejuvenated complexion.

Not only does Sante Spa offer amazing facial services, there spa also hosts a variety of specializes body treatments throughout their labyrinth of well equipped boutique rooms.


Located in the heart of Calgary’s 4th street Mission, surrounded by unique shops and delicious one of a kind restaurants, Sante Spa’s location is a destination that offers the perfect place to make a day if it all.

Looking youthful and feeling amazing!

Mr. Fab spa

Looking forward to reading your comments!