Unhealthy Health Food

January 6, 2015

It’s January and that means healthy choices.

After eating EVERYTHING in Palm Springs a few months back and seeing my weight on a hotel scale, I decided to get a early start.

Vegetables, lean protein and low fat yogurts have been a staple. For the most part, I’ve been pretty satisfied…. Until now.

A recent trip down the American yogurt aisle has tempted me and left me unsatisfied with our current Canadian situation.

Chocolate Bar Mix-in


Low fat yogurt with a milkshake twist.

Cereal Bowls


Why use low fat milk in your cereal? This creamy yogurt makes it unspillable and kid friendly.

Sweet Treats


From Cookies to Chocolate Bars this yogurt will have you bouncing off the walls before you even leave the house.

So if your plan is to ruin your healthy eating by 8am, let me know and I’ll smuggle my Canadian readers in some of this decadent unhealthy heath food.

Mr. Fab ogurt


Looking forward to reading your comments!