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The BEST NYE Party Giveaway

December 18, 2014

New Years Eve

Just try to make dinner reservations… Not going to happen.

How about finding a party so you can ‘Ring in the New Year’… Get out the cheque book.

Not this year! Here is THE BEST deal & most fun party you’re going to find on December 31st.

BUT the tickets are super limited so may I suggest you just stop reading and just click HERE to buy them right now.

…Still with me?

Okay I’ll make it quick so you don’t run out of time before they sell out. National on 8th Ave in Calgary, Alberta will be hosting one heck of an amazing night at one heck of a ridiculously low price.


Partnered with Tool Shed Brewery, National 8th brings you a delicious beer paired dinner. Not only will you have 4 courses to eat your way through, they’ll also be offering exclusive previews of beers that are planned for release in 2015! And the cost per person:



But that’s not all! The private dinner will be taking place on site from 7-9 and just as the clock strikes 9, the rest of venue will open to the public for a very special party! And your dinner ticket is also your complimentary admission, NO JOKE!


Now I can’t disclose yet what theparty will entail, but I can tell you it will have you and your friends dancing the night away and ringing in the new year with a pretty fun crowd. But say this ‘secret for now’ parties not your style?

Your dinner ticket is also a multi admission pass and will cover your costs to get into National on 10th!

I couldn’t even stay at home for this price!

You won’t find a better priced party or more exciting way to spend your evening in the city. So gather up your crew, quickly, and click HERE to by your tickets. They are VERY limited!

Ohhhhh 1 more thing. I’ve got a pair to give away!


But even though I’m giving a set away, I still recommend you buy them rather then waiting to win them. I would hate for it to sell out and you not win. But for those who are going to chance it, you’ll have 2 ways to enter.

#1. Tweet the Following:

This NYE $45 will get you dinner at @, beers from @ & an epic party! @ has the details


#2. Leave a comment below:

Tell me, “What’s your goal for 2015?”

Mine’s more giveaways!

Now I promise you this event will sell out within the next day or two so I strongly encourage you to purchase tickets. Regardless I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday.

Mr. Fab NYE

  1. My goal for 2015 is the same as every year: To live my top 11 list of values/commandments:

    Side note: this project stemmed in 2011 after I read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin on a sunny beach in Mexico over Christmas holidays, a good read going into the new year…

    I’ll revisit them, alter them for my current state (they have changed only in wording, and one addition, over the past 4 years), and revisit them regularly to keep them top of mind. In case you’re interested, here is my list – in no particular order:
    1. Cultivate passion
    2. Take your/the time
    3. Show up
    4. Speak up
    5. Give AND get (graciously)
    6. Think twice, not three times
    7. Money and success DOES matter (to me)
    8. Let go
    9. Save and spend (money, time, and energy) with purpose relating back to your deepest desires
    10. Tell the truth and avoid gossip
    11. Be a true friend

  2. Easy peezzy. Less work, more friends. Travel anywhere possible. And just live it up like it’s going outta style.

  3. Funny, a friend amd I were just talking about 2015 goals last night.. definitely spend more time with friends and family, run a couple 10k races, learn to play a song on the piano and then mix it up by learning ro juggle!

Looking forward to reading your comments!