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Bonus Christmas DIY Crafts

December 15, 2014

Congratulations to M.Fab who’s EAST LOOK took 1st place in Home Depot Tablescape Challenge.
And although her table was finished, her creativity wasn’t: she just kept going! Here’s how she ended up spending that energy!..

I got so carried away with our Fab  Christmas Craft Challenge that I couldn’t stop, and created three additional crafts that were so easy, fun and fast to do.

1) My Joy Stick (teehee)


Using some of the leftover wood from my large wood slab I purchase at Home Depot, I got a small section cut to form a 2” x 12” stick. I sanded, then spray painted this silver. Using fun stick-on letters found in the outdoor sign aisle, I chose the letters, J, O and Y to spell “Joy”… But there is every letter of the alphabet available, so you could try NOEL, or MERRY etc.


Once the paint dried, I stuck on the letters and had a small, seasonal element that would complement my overall tablescape.

2) Festive Platter


Using the leftover wood from my wood chargers, I thought this rectangle shape was the perfect serving platter (or cheese plate) size. To prep the cut wood, I sanded, dusted, then stained it using a neutral wood colour to complement my overall table.

Instead of using a cutlery stencil, this time I created a simple Christmas tree stencil and sprayed over it using the glittery gold spray-paint. To ensure it doesn’t damage your table, try sticking these perfect ‘heavy duty felt pads’ to the bottom.


Your cheese will never look finer.

3) Ornament Art


Using ornaments from the Home Depot’s Christmas collection, I wanted to create some visual interest on my table – I didn’t want everything to be low-lying, I wanted to create more dimension and height.

Using my trusty glue gun, I stuck the ornaments together in interesting ways.

These ball clusters look great on a table, but would also look lovely on a mantle, underneath your tree or on a countertop.

Hope you enjoyed these three simple ideas and are inspired to create your own DIY Christmas this year.

M Fab Christmas DIY Addict

Looking forward to reading your comments!