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DIY Christmas Gifts

December 3, 2014

The Fab Fam each made a New Years resolution for 2014. Mine was to be craftier – a healthy mix of Martha Stewart and MacGyver.

Recapping all the fun I’ve had this year on my Craftiness Quest, from learning to sew to making pottery, I thought about how best to put all my newfound skills to use.

DIY Christmas presents, of course!

If you are feeling inspired to be crafty this holiday season, here is a recap of some DIY crafts I made this year which will make lovely Christmas presents.

1) Thread Paintings


Embroidery thread, nails, cardboard and a canvas. That’s all you need.

First cut a piece of cardboard to fit into the back of the canvas, as the nails need something to be driven into.
Then map out where your word will be on your canvas. Plot out where each nail will be placed into the canvas and gently tap in.
Once all of your nails are secured and the same height, simply loop the embroidery thread around and around them until the letters appear.

Other simple words could be NOEL, or LOVE…embroidery thread comes in so many fun colours, you can mix and match it up.

2) Painted Vases (two types)


How simple and eye-catching are these little beauties? They take no time at all and are something you can even do with your kids… Or half in the bag from consuming too much NOG. They are THAT simple. Review how they were done, here.


I was quite proud of how my ‘Tribute to Carl & Rose Vase’ turned out.

I just love these Toronto-based designers, and wanted to try something like it out myself.
So using crystal bought at Value Village, car glue from Canadian Tire and spray paint – I created this wee vase. I love the solid colour and all the texture the crystal provides. They make perfect plant pots or just colourful tchotchkies to brighten the room.

3) Custom Pillows (The Make Den)


Learning how to sew was one of my highlights from my year of craftiness. It is so satisfying to walk out of sewing class with headbands and zipper pouches and pillows that you made.

I honed my skills at Toronto’s The Make Den.

You can read all about them, here.

Creating this custom pillow took a couple hours (zippers are tricky!) but turned out to be something I would easily spend $50 on… And it cost me just $10.

Use Christmas fabrics, or choose fabrics that will complement the home décor of that tricky-to-buy-for friend.

4) Personalized Paintings (The Paintlounge)


Painting is super fun but super messy. Because of this, I haven’t painted in years and years since I like getting my damage deposits back!

I missed it until I discovered Toronto’s The Paintlounge.  Depending on the size of your selected canvas, prices can start at just $20, which includes all the paints, brushes, and moral support one could hope for.

I loved my experience at The Paintlounge

5) Pottery (Lucsculpture)


Finally: Pottery! Everyone drinks out of cups at some point in their life. And now, you can make them that cup. Or bowl. Or vase. Or gravy boat.

I take lessons here in Toronto at Lucsculpture with the talented Diane Lee.

It is the best thing and is a gift for that special someone as well as for you.

Time to be creative doesn’t fit into most calendars these days, but I couldn’t recommend spending time trying these crafts enough.
I hope you now have some DIY ideas for your remaining Christmas gifts that will wow the pants off all your loved ones. And that is OK, as you’ll be able to sew them a new pair.

M Fab Crafty Christmas

Looking forward to reading your comments!