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November 27, 2014

Each Thursday morning until December 4th, you can watch me – LIVE – as I share Fresh & Unique Holiday Gifts with my friends & viewers on Breakfast Television Calgary.

This morning we talked about 5 great personalized gifts. 

Here’s a re-cap with links and locations if you’re looking to gift any of these FAB ideas.

1. Monogrammed Letter Mugs and Journals 


These oversized mugs are perfect to keep you sipping all throughout Christmas morning while the journals will help you document your holiday bounty.
Pick up a lettered collection for a family and give them a reason to have hot chocolate together!

(Mugs $8, Journals $27. Available at Anthropologie)

2. Portraits by Maya Gohill


If you’ve been to Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters on 4th street in Mission, you’ve definitely taken notice of the large portraits of the brand’s founders, created by the very talented Maya Gohill.

Maya, who has been teaching since 2002 (currently at ACAD), was commissioned to portrait the caffeinated duo… And soon after the store opened to the public, the chatter – and want – for her work grew. Working from photographs, Maya can create a custom sized personified surprise that will become one of the recipient’s most prized art pieces.

(Cost $3.50/square inch. Smallest Size: 9×12 = $378. Available at

3. I am a Stuffed Animal


Ever wonder what you’d look like as a stuffed animal? Just send a few photos via email, and the artistic team from I am a Stuffed Animal will convert your image into your very own snuggle buddy.

But the personalization doesn’t stop just at the likeness. You can also send details, photos of tattoos or beauty marks, and even choose the clothes that your mini-me will be drawn wearing. Check out the one they made for Tara Slone of BT Calgary!

(Cost $78-$99. Available at I am a Stuffed Animal)

4. Plant


Personalize a living terrarium for your loved one, or sign up for a class where you can create one together! Practically maintenance free, it’s the perfect gift to enjoy all year long! Plant is located in Inglewood.

(Average Cost $45-$95. Available at Plant)

5. City Plates


Gift the memory of your favourite vacation or travel location with these architecturally mapped city plates. Perfect to surprise a loved one with the idea of an upcoming adventure… Or the memories of a past trip.

From Rome to Las Vegas to Montreal, these restaurant quality plates are great for eating off of, or choose to hang them on your wall as an art installation!

(Cost $50 per plate. Available at notNeutral)

Hope you enjoyed my PERSONALIZED gift ideas!

Join me next Thursday, December 4th live on BT when I’ll share 5 great CHILDRENS gifts.


Mr. Fab Personalized.

Looking forward to reading your comments!